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One thing is true for all consultants: If there is work, there are clients. And one of our most important roles is to maintain and enhance our relationship with them. Preserving those relationships can be good for referrals and future business, as well as making the time spent on the project more enjoyable and satisfying. […]

There is really only one requirement for becoming a consultant, and that requirement is shared by all successful business ventures:   Provide a service for which people will pay you.   Everything else is in furtherance of that goal. Let’s break it down a bit. In order to have a service to provide, you need […]

Five years ago, no one in Ghana had heard about ITIL. Now, it seems like you can’t walk into an organisation without someone mentioning it. But despite all the buzz, many businesses don’t fully understand what ITIL is all about. Here are the highlights. #1: ITIL stands for the Information Technology Infrastructure Library ITIL contains a comprehensive […]

Must small businesses deploy more advanced security best practices often associated with larger organisations? The answer is yes. There are three software and security service subscriptions technology consultants should insist all commercial clients adopt. These are email filtering, email encryption, and intrusion detection services. Three very necessary security services for even the smallest of firms.The […]

The project initiation phase is the critical phase within the project life-cycle. It is also called the project pre-planning phase and about stating the basic characteristics of the project. To successfully initiate a project, you need to know which basic steps to be carried out to develop a business case, undertake a feasibility study, develop […]

Supplier management is the process that ensures that suppliers produce value for the money that purchasing organisations spend on their goods and services. ITIL gives specific best practice guidance regarding what an effective supplier management process does in an organisation. With supplier management, there are numerous simple things that an organisation can do to improve […]

Ask the consultant Is it possible for consultants to manage a development project if they don’t know how to code? I am struggling to start an IT Consulting practice. I am not a developer. I do not code and ideally would like to set up a practice for doing business analysis and project management. Is that […]

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) defines the critical path as “the sequence of schedule activities that determines the duration of the project.” Project managers can also apply the critical path methodology technique to “determine the amount of float on various logical network paths in the project schedule network to determine the minimum total […]

Mr Solomon Adiyiah, CEO and Principal Consultant, eSolutions Consulting, on Friday said the increasing rate at which government agencies and businesses were adopting new technologies was a sure way to address the challenges of poverty reduction, a most critical issue facing the country. Speaking at a media interaction in Accra, Mr Adiyiah said most Ghanaian […]