Document Digitization

Scanning Services To Convert Paper Documents To Digital Copies Making Them Easily Accessible

Document digitization is the process of converting paper documents and converting into a digital format that computer systems may use to automate processes or workflows.
The way records are kept in an organisation is the foundation of any business infrastructure.

Our goal is to promote behaviors and leverage best practices and workplace technologies to reduce the persistence of paper in the workplace by offering an institutionalized supporting best practices and technologies that engender paper reduction through digitization on mutually agreed terms
By availing itself of our digitization services, the client gains:

• Scanning services to convert paper documents to digital copies making them easily accessible.

• Reduction of file storage costs by eliminating costly file cabinets and giving you back your productive office space for more productive and efficient uses.

• Our business process experts can help you create workflow solutions to route documents throughout the organisation to improve efficiency.

• To help us deliver paperless office solutions, we offer Smart workplace an Enterprise Architecture Platform by eSolutions consulting which has a specific strength in helping your business reduce dependency on paper files.

Our unique ability to develop a cutting-edge innovation over the years and our successful track record in Enterprise Architecture Platform (Smart Workplace) make us an invaluable partner in the technology innovative market.


One of the major advantages eSolutions bring to the table is our nimbleness and ability to adjust to the needs of our clients and the fact that our senior consultants have years of experience in the ICT industry.


By using our cloud services, your business can ensure its cloud resources run efficiently.


According to a study by the International Data Group, 69% of businesses are already using cloud technology in one capacity or another, and 18% say they plan to implement cloud-computing solutions at some point.

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