Enterprise Architecture


Align Business And Information Technology Strategies To Support The Objectives Of The Organisation

What is EA?
EA is more than just technology architecture. EA includes business architecture, data architecture, applications architecture, technical architecture, and a defined relationship depicting how these architectures interrelate and change as new events occur. EA for an organization is analogous to city planning, wherein city planners try to preserve viable older assets, replace outmoded assets, and add new assets - all in the context of an infrastructure. The City Plan (EA) allows the planners to coherently link the assets

Why eSolutions Consulting?
By leveraging eSolutions Consulting’s core capabilities, our consultants are bringing innovation to the Government of Ghana by developing the Ghana Government Enterprise Architecture (GGEA), a framework for the computerisation of the public sector, which is the first in sub-Saharan Africa. We view the development of the national Enterprise Architecture as a critical building block in the development of the country. This project has put Ghana ahead of other countries in harnessing technology for socio-development and modernisation. Our consultants are very proud to lead such a momentous process towards the enhancement of government services to the Ghanaian citizen.
We believe that an Enterprise Architecture (EA) driven IT strategy can deliver that improved focus for organisations in all sectors.
eSolutions Consulting helps organisations define their technology strategies that:

• Align business and information technology strategies to support the objectives of the organisation

• Utilise structured tools and reference materials to enhance decision making

• Help organisations to transform.


One of the major advantages eSolutions bring to the table is our nimbleness and ability to adjust to the needs of our clients and the fact that our senior consultants have years of experience in the ICT industry.


By using our cloud services, your business can ensure its cloud resources run efficiently.


The cloud is transforming the operations of many organisations. Businesses may be reluctant to change up existing operations, but the benefit of the cloud means the transition is worth it
Get in touch with eSolutions if you want to effectively adopt the cloud for your business.

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