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Implement Greater Levels Of Automation And Closed-Loop Processes

Current business issues such as competitive pressures, the growing burden of compliance activities, soaring operational costs and the ongoing need to innovate have combined to make IT service management a business-critical part of any organi¬sation.
To drive innovation, company growth, alignment between business and IT departments organisations must establish a sustainable, service-centric approach. Through an industry best practice service management framework, the IT department can reduce costs, meet compliance requirements, manage risk and focus on fulfilling strategic business goals.

eSolutions Consulting provides services that enable organisations to improve their IT infrastructure management. These services are designed to quickly identify, isolate, and eliminate problems within your technology environment and improve service levels to your business.
Our Service Management Lifecycle Model provides solutions that incorporate ITIL v3 best-practice processes. eSolutions Consulting’s ITIL Service Management offering can help

• Understand and track the full scope of IT assets and configurations.

• Significantly reduce change-related problems and incidents.

• Implement greater levels of automation and closed-loop processes.

• Avert potential service quality issues before and after deployment.

• Rapidly diagnose and resolve unanticipated service problems after deployment.

• Link IT metrics to key performance indicators (KPIs) for proper management of service level agreements (SLAs).

• Free valuable staff from manual tasks so they can support more strategic initiatives.


One of the major advantages eSolutions bring to the table is our nimbleness and ability to adjust to the needs of our clients and the fact that our senior consultants have years of experience in the ICT industry.
We have also worked with clients in the past to develop creative ways to fund ICT initiatives


By using our cloud services, your business can ensure its cloud resources run efficiently.


The cloud is transforming the operations of many organisations. Businesses may be reluctant to change up existing operations, but the benefit of the cloud means the transition is worth it
Get in touch with eSolutions if you want to effectively adopt the cloud for your business.

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