Smart Workplace

Access to information and providing a single access point to all resources

Providing Easy And Quick Access To Corporate Information Such As Policies And Procedures Needed By Employees For Executing Tasks Without Printing

Smart Workplace is an award-winning intranet and collaboration solution that seeks to provide employees with a highly efficient work environment characterised by convenient self-service access to business applications and to enhance collaboration among employees. The Smart Workplace delivers added value by drastically reducing the time spent by employees on the access to information and providing a single access point to all resources an employee will need for his daily tasks such as documents, applications, announcements, calendars, reports, etc. necessary for employees to work efficiently.

Our flagship Smart Workplace has been deployed for many public and private sector organisations. The benefits of acquiring and using this Smart Workplace can never be overstated. These include:

• Reducing operational costs drastically (phone bills, travel, paper, printing cost, etc)

• Increasing revenue due to improved employee responsiveness

• Facilitating better collaboration among employees and Improving employee satisfaction.

• Providing easy and quick access to corporate information such as policies and procedures needed by employees for executing tasks without printing

• Providing total access to corporate information anytime, anywhere, and on any device

• Storing corporate data in a central location where it is easily managed and protected from loss

• Automating content creation, publishing, and business processes

• Increasing employee retention due to an improved sense of community

• Providing a ‘Virtual Office’ environment for users. Employees can access their workplace using any machine in the office


One of the major advantages eSolutions bring to the table is our nimbleness and ability to adjust to the needs of our clients and the fact that our senior consultants have years of experience in the ICT industry.


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